Solving Leaking water in your AC

Air conditioning is necessary for our home settings. It helps by altering the conditions and properties of the air so that they can be more favorable and comfortable and distributing the air to the whole building. It is used to lower the air temperature commonly through a refrigeration cycle in all types of weathers and seasons.

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Solving leaking water in your AC System, this may be because of several reason. A broken condenser pump is one cause and can be tested by pouring water into the condenser pan to see if it can be actual pump out the excess water. If it cannot, the power to the pump may be the problem.

Another issue may be because the AC is not correctly installed. If this is so, it can leak water. Also, if the units are not level or the pressure is too much, water may begin to pool. First check the units to see if it is level and if that is not the case, some vents in the house may be closed or blocked. Added pressure may cause valves to leak.

A blocked drain hole which removes water in the unit may also be the cause of leaking water. This can be solved by clearing the blockage to allow the water to exit the condenser pan properly and resolve the problem.

Changing temperatures outside being too cold is another cause. This will cause more water to accumulate around the unit because it does not evaporate as it should. You hence end up having a pool of water which will leak. This eventually stops when the conditions get hot.

If the seals on the air conditioner are not tight, you may end up with the leaking of water. This happens as a result of excess warm air getting inside the unit and the moisture from the air condenses in meeting the cold air from the inside of the conditioner. In this situation, you need to reseal the outer side of the unit and make sure that everything is properly closed.

If any of these does not work or find it difficult to handle by yourself, please contact us and we will come and fix it for you so that you will not destroy the air conditioner.

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