Air Conditioning Estimates

Get Air Conditioning Estimates in Writing

Before signing a contract for an air conditioner repair or replacement, always ask first for written estimates. Like most home repair and home improvement projects, costs can vary wildly depending on the contractor (with very little explanation as to why). With air conditioners, those costs could range from $2,500 to $10,000.

Tips for Understanding an AC Estimate

Here are the three most important questions you should insist on an answer to before committing to any contractor:

  • What work will be performed? Demand an itemized list of the parts and labor efforts. Are duct work repairs required? Why? (New duct work can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the size and difficulty of the environment, so always be clear about whether or not this work is required.)
  • What is the total cost? This sounds like an obvious thing to expect from an estimate, but make sure it’s very clear whether it’s a fixed-cost quote or based on an hourly labor rate, and what factors might cause additional costs.
  • How were the costs estimated? If the contractor hasn’t visually inspected the environment, it’s difficult to accurately answer the above questions.

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