AC Maintenance

Are you aware that:

  • Undercharged units have lower efficiency and raise electrical bills?
  • You could be losing efficiency due to poor air flow?
  • Dirty AC equipment decrease efficiency and can lead to early equipment failure?

Air Conditioning Manufacturers strongly recommend a preventative ac maintenance agreement for your air conditioning and heating system. The idea is to keep minor problems from developing into major ones and to insure the optimal efficiency of your system. Proper maintenance can effectively double the life span of your residential heating & cooling system and also can prevent voided warranties on your equipment.

AC Maintenance Plans

Air Stream offers two types of preventative maintenance plans. A twice-a-year preventive maintenance is recommended for optimal performance and stability. We also offer a once-a-year preventive maintenance to our customers. Each tune-up will include the following and much more:

  • Check Refrigerant levels – (If low, check for leaks.)
  • Flush and clear A/C Drain Lines
  • Clear drain pan and add algaecide tablets
  • Check system in both heating and cooling operations
  • Clean condenser coil (where accessible)
  • Check thermostat operation and proper air temperature readings
  • Check and tightening of high & low voltage wiring and connections
  • Check all amp draws for proper electrical consumption
  • Perform visual inspection of duct work
  • Clean or replace filter (provided by owners)
  • Check temperature differential

  Silver Protection Plan (Once-a-year): $75.00
  Gold Protection Plan (Twice-a-year): $150.00

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