AC Tripping Breaker

We get this situation a lot with our clients. The AC keeps tripping the circuit breaker. Our clients have deduced this much, but they don’t know much of anything else. Here’a a hint, your breaker is pulling in more amps than what is allowed. This is not a good thing. It’s actually causing more damage than you realize. It’s nothing to panic over, but you don’t want to put off fixing the problem.


Well, there could be a few reasons why this is happening. We will be discussing a few of the reasons in the following content down below.

Check Your Filter

Have you ever had a pillow being placed over your face, suffocating you? Well, let’s hope not. This is exactly what is happening with your air filter. Ir’a dirty, plain and simple. If the AC is working harder, this means your breaker is getting more pressure put on it. This is going to cause it to trip. If it trips too much, it might end up blowing out completely. If this happens, you are screwed in a lot of ways. Don’t let it get this far. Clean the filter and replace it every so often. This will cause pressure to lighten up on the breaker.

Don’t Forget the Outside Coils

Some people only concentrate on cleaning the inside of their AC unit. You also need to look at the outside. The outside might be dirtier than you realize. Clean it! The outside gets just a dirty as the inside, sometimes more so. This will solve some of your problems right away.

If the problem is really bad, you might want to think about having a guy come out and do it for you. Yes, it will cost you some extra money. It will save you lots of money though on repairs you might have needed down the road. Plus, a repair guy will know how to clean out your system properly, avoiding any possible mistakes later on.

Bad Breakers

The breaker might actually be the issue, not the AC unit. The wires might be looser than you thought. The breaker might have to be repaired or replaced. If it’s just the wires, a tech guy can come in and fix that. This will cost you next to nothing, if anything at all. If it’s a repair job that is needed, than have the tech guy do that too. It’s not good to do it all by yourself. This will cost you some money, but not that much.

Parts Need Replacing

The motor itself is having issues. Your motor takes a very bad beating. Left to its own devices for too long, the wires can short out. This will cause the motor to go bad. The best thing to do is have an AC repair guy come out and look at it, fixing what needs to be fixed.

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