AC Not Coming On

It’s a hot day in Tampa, and when you lower the temperature, you find the ac not coming on. You get nothing, no cold air, nothing at all. Your AC is not coming on, and this is one of the worst times for the problem to occur, so what could be the issue?

Why is My AC Not Coming On?

AC units can have several problems that will keep the ac not coming on. The problem may not be easy for you to identify, but before you make the call for service here are a couple troubleshooting tips.

  • Ensure your breakers are not tripped and causing the system not to come on.
  • Check thermostat batteries

Our professionals at Air Stream Air Conditioning and Heating in Tampa have decades of experience fixing as well as maintaining AC units, so if your AC doesn’t come on, then a simple call can get you on the way to having your AC unit working again. If you don’t know the exact cause of why your AC unit won’t turn on, then it’s fine because the professional that comes out to your home will be able to determine the problem. Once the problem is fixed, remember to get yearly maintenance on the unit to ensure that the filter is changed, the circuits work properly, and the coils are in good working order.

We’ll Get Your AC Turned On Again!

Since Tampa can be extremely hot during the year, you do not want to take the risk of having a broken AC unit. Particularly when it only takes a quick call to Air Stream Air to get your unit maintained so you never have to worry about a breakdown. If you are currently having problems with your AC not coming on, call Air Stream Air today to make an appointment to have one of our professionals check on your unit.

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