AC Freon Charge

Air conditioning is an essential aspect the life of any individual. Many of us wouldn’t contemplate a life without air conditioning. Air conditioning is used in many areas such as in the hospitals, schools, industries, and most importantly in our homes. However, air conditioning does not come maintenance free. Despite all the benefits of having an AC around, an extra cost of maintenance and repair must be incurred.

Common Low Freon Related Issues

Many of the air conditioners use Freon as their refrigerant. Freon (trademark) acts as the blood in your AC. Without sufficient coolant, your AC can’t bring the cooling effect properly. Having less than enough Freon in your AC can adversely damage the whole AC. At Air Stream Air, we have a 5+ years of experience in servicing and maintenance of ACs. Here are some of the many signs that your AC is running low on Freon and requires a Freon charge:

Supernormal electric bills- An AC with little or no refrigerant tends to run longer to get your premises cooled. If the consumption of electricity by other appliances hasn’t changed or they are less consuming, the extra charge on your electric bill might be from your AC.

Hissing/bubbling noise- A refrigerant leak is among the main reasons for running low on coolant in your ACs. Since refrigerant is not used up like gas in cars, the only cause of a hissing sound is a leak of the refrigerant in the AC.

Abnormal long cooling time- If your house or premises take longer than normal to cool down, then there is something wrong with the AC. The refrigerant is what absorbs heat from your air. Hence, with less refrigerant, it would take longer to absorb the warm air thoroughly.

Warm air from the supply vent- If your AC is low on refrigerant, it is more likely that your supply vent is blowing lukewarm air-the same reason it takes longer to cool your premises.

The buildup of ice on the refrigerant coil- If there are traces of ice building up on the copper refrigerant coil, your AC is low on refrigerant. Low refrigerant causes the evaporator coil of the inside AC unit to get too cold causing the cold refrigerant to flow back the refrigerant loop line.

Frost buildup- As the refrigerant is in gaseous form it can freeze anything it comes into contact with, it is easy to spot leaks as there will be frost buildup around the connectors.

Let the Pros Fix Your Freon Problems

After confirming any of the above or other factors that depict an AC running low on refrigerant, it is a good idea to look for professional help you. At Air Stream Air, we will find the leak, fix the leak and add more Freon to your AC. With our crew of skilled and friendly technicians who are a fully equipped with up-to-date equipment, we deliver excellent service beyond satisfaction. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded, in case of any damage or injury to one of our workers; you will no worries since we will be responsible.

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