Indoor Air Quality Problems

Common Indoor Air Quality Problems

Most indoor air quality problems are simple and can be easy to fix. Allergens like pet hair, dust, pollen and even some mold can develop inside when there is not sufficient ventilation and filtration. These may not affect every family member, but those they do affect can become quite miserable over time.
To remove common allergens like these, we recommend high MERV rated or even HEPA rated air filters. Air filters are installed as part of your air handler and can remove particles that are large enough to see in the air. The higher rated a filter, the smaller the particles it can remove. You can call our office and we will provide you with the best option that fits your needs.

Other Systems for Indoor Air Quality Issues

We also offer dehumidifiers, which offer an important solution for those high humidity winter days in Florida when it is not warm enough to turn on your air conditioner. These days can result in high humidity that then makes people uncomfortable and can contribute to the growth of mold in and around your home. Dehumidifiers are installed as part of your ductwork system or can be installed at your air handler.

We also offer UV germicidal light installation services. These systems will remove any unwanted germs such as viruses and bacteria from your home’s air supply as it passes through ductwork, greatly reducing the impact of such germs on the health of those with allergies or asthma symptoms.
If you are concerned about the health of anyone in your family and would like to discuss your options with an indoor air quality specialist, call Air Stream Heating & Cooling today and ask to talk with one of our NATE and EPA certified technicians. We can test the air in your home and help you select a system that meets the needs of your family members. There are no high pressure sales pitches – just our technicians helping you make important decisions about the comfort and health of your family.

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