AC Repair Lakeland Florida

A Lakeland, Florida summer without air conditioning can be pure misery. Temperatures can get up to 100 degrees in the Tampa Bay area, so it’s best not to ignore signs of a faulty air conditioning unit. Air conditioners are put under an increased strain during the warm summer months. They operate more often, and the increased airflow can begin to clog both the evaporator coils and the distribution ducts with grime, hair, dust, and other particles. The constant movement of refrigerant can begin to wear out the coolant tubes. Whatever problem arises, know that we are ready to respond.

We are ac repair specialists in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Brandon area, and it is our commitment to keep your air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency. We not only perform professional repair and replacement, we are also licensed installers of new air conditioning systems.

Common Air Conditioning System Problems

When we get a service call from a residential or commercial customer, the concern is most often about restricted air flow, a lack of cool air coming from the registers, ice buildup on the evaporator coils, no fan movement, or irregular startup and shutdown. These are problems that can easily be fixed so long as the customer calls us in before the system breaks down entirely.

Air conditioners work only if there is sufficient airflow and plenty of circulating refrigerant. If the evaporator coils become mucked up and clogged, there’s no way for the refrigerant to absorb enough heat from the incoming air supply. Repairing, replacing, or cleaning of the coils is one of our company’s specialties.

We carry a wide variety of replacement condenser and blower unit motors in case the customer experiences problems with airflow. We respond quickly to these service emergencies because we know how quickly the indoor atmosphere will heat up if no air is moving through the building.

We are also expert refrigerant replacement specialists. We quickly drain the system, recharge the refrigerant vessel, and get the system back up and running.

AC Repair Lakeland Parts Replacement

Air Stream prides itself on quick analysis of all working parts of a residential or commercial air conditioning system. We don’t overcharge for service and maintenance that isn’t necessary for the repair of the system. Instead, we quickly pinpoint the problem, explain the reason for the parts replacement, and charge a fair and honest price for the parts and labor.

New Systems Installation

Our Lakeland area customers have come to know the name Air Stream as a source for the most affordable air conditioning systems that are perfectly suited to the size and configuration of the property. Whether it’s a portable unit or a brand new central air system, we can quickly determine the reasonable size and strength unit to provide the proper amount of cool airflow without overcharging for a powerful system the building doesn’t require.

A Name You Can Trust

Air Stream has built its reputation on rapid response to service calls, professional service that includes full disclosure of the problem how it will be fixed, accurate price estimates, and a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Whether it’s emergency repair, preventative maintenance, or a brand-new air conditioning system, we are the company you can trust for the best service in Lakeland.

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